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will the next update fix the notification which i dont get when a Friend comes Online? We're just a small group and until i got the One i never notice that someone is online. At least fav. Friends notification? Thanks 4 answer your (now) mr. Lonely


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No I don't think it is in the update. I gave my closest most regular gaming friends as favourites. So what I do as I'm loading up a game after turning on is to SNAP ACTIVITY and you can see which favourite are on and then invite to party if I want to chat. It's not the same but it will show you who's on quickly.

I should be in that list Rippen ;)

I would pay for this function!! 4 me its so xbox typical and now its not available.. I feel like im alone now when my xbox is online..

You are one of the few internationals that Are Gh0stz