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A while ago i made some not so good choices and ended up getting my accounts GS reset and the label "cheater" on my zone, do you think this status will be cleared when i transfer my account over on to the xbox one? If anyone knows the answer, please let me know. 


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It makes the most sense to me as well. Just because it's a new system does not mean anyone should get their rep reset after they've done something to get banned or flagged. Just be good and play good and your rep will eventually increase again. It's the only way it should be.

And that would only be fair to the rest of us, as well.

Whitten is just talking about reputation levels (currently the 5 stars you see next to people). I highly doubt the whole slate will be swept clean. Those who were GS reset will still have the brand, and those who have gotten temp banned before will still have it on their record. This makes the most sense to me

Thank you so much for your quick response, that cleared up a lot of questions i have had.

This is my speculation on the matter and not "fact". Given that your gamertag can still be active on the xbox 360 after you migrate to Xbox One I doubt the cheater tag will disappear. But as I say this is just my speculation.

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From IGN website (

Given that Rep (Reputation) will now factor into Xbox One's online matchmaking (whereas it didn't before on the Xbox 360), will everyone's Rep be reset to provide an initial playing field? Since there are new rules, shouldn't everyone be able to demonstrate themselves as good players right from the start? Or will players be penalized for past mistakes? In other words, will previous account infractions carry over to Xbox One?

WHITTEN: We will not carry over any of the 360 reputation scores into the new Xbox One reputation system. The majority of members will start fresh at the “Good” player level.

We will be working with the Xbox Live enforcement team that has identified a small subset of members that have recently had enforcement actions taken against them and set those members reputation to an initial “Needs Works” level. This will give those members a chance to prove they can participate on Live fairly, and are not automatically placed in the “Avoid Me” classification where things like SmartMatch filtering will affect them.