Hey Microsoft,Employees FORGEDKILLER323 here, and makeing suggestions on what you can do too improve the people that buy from your dashboard Games, first up.... reccomendations...1.Start makeing more games free on dashboard, for example Team Fortress 2, or The orange-Box, makeing these Games free will make people want too go out and buy it from either Gamestop buy the DLC for games i mean cmon....you guys make enough money....Start Leaning twoards The people that pay for Xbox,...ALOT of these people can leave Xbox anyday cause their tired of everything costing so much...and you know where they'll go...PS3.. your biggest compeditor, You guys will lose more profit then gain.2. if you wont make more Games free, lower prices drastically, there's some games on there for example: TF2, is still $35, jesus, and that game been out for awhile, LOWER PRICES.




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Feedback Forums that MS looks at are over there...

That was painful to read. Plus your signature is huge.

Maybe it is the poor grammar and spelling, but I am not sure you are making sense. If MS puts games out for free on the dashboard, then people will then......go out and BUY it? That doesn't make any sense.


Also, you mentioned an older title, and GameStop. You realize that this type of sale would almost certainly be a case of a 'used game' sale and would not contribute any income to Microsoft whatsoever.


I get that you would like to see lower prices for games, but there is actually an entire marketing team that uses tons of data to determine sales strategies. But the most important thing to remember is, video games are a luxury. There is no need beyond the business aspect for Microsoft to change its strategy. We don't need video games to survive. If we want to indulge ourselves in them, then we spend the money that the hobby requires.

Funny because in the past 4 months the Orange Box on Game son Demand has been on sale for like 10-15 bucks on the marketplace.


"ALOT of these people can leave Xbox anyday cause their tired of everything costing so much."  They could leave any day, but they won't.  Xbox Live is a service that is worth paying for, and what they offer for the price is obviously enough to satisfy millions of gamers.  Not that I am opposed to a few free games here and there, but I can live without it.