free hbo go?

how do I get the free weekend thing for hbo go and anything else?  I just tried to login to hbo go and it told me I needed to sign in with my optimum account and that does nothing


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Out of curiousity, is the free "trial" of HBO GO only for those with the proper ISP's/Cable?  Or, is it for everyone?  I can't imagine it would be for everyone.... maybe that's the OP's issue?

The rather misleading 'Entertainment Unlocked" promo adverts are for Silver members to use Gold member apps. Any existing third party subscription rules still apply.  

Read the fine print, "Additional subscriptions and requirements apply for some Xbox LIVE features, including, EPIX, Hulu Plus, Netflix, Verizon FiOS TV, XFINITY TV. Kinect requires Kinect sensor (sold separately) and varies by feature and app."

Not sure why MS felt the need to send this advert out to Gold members as it means nothing to us.

Thanks for clarifying. I just got done wasting time trying to activate a free promotion that I have to pay for. I agree, this makes no sense for Gold members and is misleading.

yeah very misleading it says to use those apps free on microsoft,  makes a dude think he's getting a free weekend of all the entertainment apps including netflix without the need of a subscription or anything else.  but i dunno what microsoft is thinking they don't really care about what we think they just want to get money each month out of us.  But the last I heard there were 10 million other users at least on xbox live and I'm not sure how many people out there with an xbox do not have xbox live gold so I dunno. made no sense to me and I guess it still doesn't  I was really looking forward to watching true blood season 4 or at least the rest of it this weekend.  I guess I'll just have to steal them off bear share and stream them then.

Hmmm. I thought HBO GO wasn't participating in the Entertainment unlocked event.

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Hmmm. I thought HBO GO wasn't participating in the Entertainment unlocked event.


It isn't