FPS multiplayer games needs to penalize hardcore players.

Getting to a point where I can't have fun playing Titanfall, COD, or any other FPS because I now expect cheaters on every match. Developers really need to penalize players who get insane amount of kills or can't be killed. In a few matches I just played in Titanfall, I kick a player to kill him and he lives. But right after, he kicks me and I die? or when I put about 20 bullets into the player in Titanfall and he still alive, but one or 2 shots later to me, I'm dead. Players like these who plays to own or dominate the multi-player games need to get banned permanently. I want have fun and have close matches, not having my team get dominated all the time. To all the "*** hardcore FPS players" go *** yourself, I want to have fun, not get killed all the time. If you have to play 24hrs a day or cheat and have to be the best, get a *** life. I only play titanfall a couple of hours every couple of days (not every day). Also, I will start reporting you guys for cheating if required, enough is enough. Let the players who aren't good at these games able to play them and have fun. Not get frustrated all ultimately quit the game because of frustration. Titanfall is a COD killer. It seems now titanfall has more cheaters than in COD and that's quite a feat.

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I get the comments towards cheaters but penalizing players who have more time than you? Get better at the game. It sounds like you arent really playing to have fun, but playing to be on top of the leaderboards. How about you stop having a life and play video games more? Half of your problem would be solved then

If you think players are cheating, report and move on, I don't think I have seen cheating, but some players are harder to kill as they are better, or work better as a team, not saying you're wrong, just giving a different point of view.

I want make a difference and help my team out. Can't do that if I am unable to kill the player because he won't die after I tried multiple times to do so. Also don't get any kills for 3 quarters of the match doesn't help either.

I have a job, I can't play everyday and I like to go outside as well. But it seems these FPS games penalizes those people than those who sit on their couch and play their game all the time.

If a player is not dying, and you believe it's cheating report that, I would and I encourage others to do the same, we do not want cheaters, but penalising players for having time is never going to happen, why don't you put it to the Titanfall support team that you feel it's unfair to be matched with higher ranked players, perhaps better skill matching is needed.

Its very very rare to come across cheaters, there will always be better gamers than you, are you seriously suggesting that better gamers should be handicapped because you don't want to put in the same amount of effort? I play less than an hour a day if that and I can still rank mid-table or higher most of the time so I don't see the argument.

Even if you split the communities your going to end up with trolling by experienced players.

I understand where you coming from with games life BF4 but then they primarily are just chaos from beginning to end anyway.

Try picking up the tricks others use, COD run and gun, BF4 take it slow and always stay close to cover and Titanfall play vertifcally.. and always stick to a team mate so you have a chance of 2 on 1.

Ultimately though the only real way for it to work is to group players together by historical skill, so at the start you'll get thrashed but as time goes on your grouped with similar skilled players who've been around for a while (to avoid trolling).

Though nothing will stop occasional games being white-washes when you come up against a team that really can work together.

Go around taking out bots? I know it may not be as fun as taking out human players, but at least you may feel like you achieved something. If you're not having fun in this game I would suggest play something else? 

I thought Titanfall on the One was suppose to match gamers more smartly ? If it's a problem now the problem will only get bigger as more copies are sold.

Not a huge fan of online FPS anyway so doesn't effect me!

It's most likely lag that's creating the problem.... My internet isn't the best, therefor sometimes other players or myself will lag around making it difficult to get a kill.   Some players are just that good! I have a buddy that destroys COD, 25-30+ kills every game....

@ WildChameleon, I thought the same, but the first game I played I was up against at least one prestiged player, and the others were all in double digits, thankfully I had played the beta, so I was ok, but it could be hard for new players.

Your title is misleading. 'Hardcore players' and 'cheaters' are not the same. If someone is putting a lot of time and effort into playing, it doesn't make them a cheater. It just means they're better at the game than you.

Best advise, if you think someone is cheating as you describe, just say 'Xbox record that', then we can all see and confirm one way or another.

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