Due to my work schedule this week I have no idea if this has been brought up... but since the forums look beyond out of control (multiple threads about same topic), I'm posting this anyways. lol 


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Well this is good but most of the time the driver is wearing a helmet so im not quiter sure what you will see.

LOL..... multi vehicle pile up's here we come!!!    Woot....


But really, if a woman is behind the controller....  isn't the car driven by a women then???

Well most people in FH2 drive like women so why not?

That was uncalled for but really whats the big deal?

I think more options across all games is a good thing, especially if it makes it feel that much more real to the player. I personally couldn't care about my gender in a game like Forza though.

All of my drivers at work are female, so why not have female game characters in Forza.

Is that means you can use a lipstick ,while driving.....

Won't change anything in the gameplay (Fifa 16 adds women but there are differences),just a useless feature...If i least,they did something special (race cathegories,ect...) but no....

Saw an interview,and rain effects and how it affect the drivin is fantastic.

It's never really mattered to me if there was an option to play as a woman in any game really. In fact when there is an option I usually choose a guy character...or a cat. But this is a good thing. I hope the characters are customizable mostly because it's kinda lame that all the people in FH2 look the same.

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I too would like to customize my character in a Forza game rather than play the default character. Test Drive Unlimited 2 lets you do this, really well. Other games out there, also let you customize your character. I like playing Forza Horizon 2, but the character they give you to play, um ok. If you want real game play character customization, go play The Sims 3 or The Sims 4. Girls on my friends list may like this feature, when the game comes out. Otherwise everyone assumes maybe your a man when you're a boy, girl, or women.

We were doing this generations ago in "Test Drive: Unlimited".

We're still doing it now in "Ride".

If you can create an avatar and hang about your Flat, Mansion or Race Club like you could could in "Test Drive Unlimited" that would be a welcome change.

There are characters in Forza??????

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