Forza Motorsport 5 to get or not to get?

i want it but im not quite sold on it yet. if i got an email for the McLaren id probably be getting it at launch. just unsure if i really want to get it or not. i get the whole drivatar thing its cool and the graphics look amazing from the tour last month. and i know here is day one cars. just not sure if i want to get it. i dont do a lot of racing games 


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wait for a price drop or sale? Get it at a place that has a buy one get one for 40% off?

If you have GameFly the cheapest way is to rent and keep. Each keep game is only 45$.

I'm getting since I'm into cars.  :)

I'm not going to buy it until they come out with a mid-range wheel, there's no way anything with a MadKatz badge is crossing my threshold and even with my income I'm not going to spend the $ on the top shelf one.


I, like you, am not into racing games. However, if there's any racing game to get into, it's Forza. It's designed in such a way that it will actually teach you about driving mechanics & cars. It also has innumerable customization options, both through performance & appearance options. Its difficulty is also easily adjustable for everyone from children as young as 5 to even the most experienced of professional racers. It doesn't even punish you for losing a race (& you have a nifty rewind feature if you make a mistake mid-race); it only rewards you if you win. You get all of this, & that's not even including the drivatars that'll make every race different or the beautiful next-gen 1080p graphics that blast past you at 60fps. This is a game not to be missed - & this is the opinion of someone who doesn't really play racing games (look at my games played for proof).

Do yourself a favor & pick up this game:


...and if you don't like it, return it. ;)

I get it for free :)

If I was keeping my xbox I would try and get a download code off eBay as forza 5 is the best of a small pool of next gen game out at launch.

I asked the girlfriend to get it as a gift for me for Christmas. Its about all that's left that I haven't bought for myself already lol

I'm getting it. Pre-ordered and paid for. I'm not a hardcore racer but it's kind of like a sim driving gaming (and racing). I'm sure it should have some fun game options like in Forza 4 and Forza Horizon (hardly play Horizon sometimes play 4) like... Tag virus, Playground, soccer. Since Forza 4 has 'em, Forza 5 should have something like that.


Graphics look amazing. Heard it's 1080p native which is great and running on Xbox One which has way better hardware than 360... even better. Also getting NFS Rivals. Again I'm not a hardcore racer, but Forza and Rivals look fUn which is why I'm getting them.

It's a great series, get it!  Next question.

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