Forza 6 getting nascar expansion?

It looks like it is here. I still need to get this game, but F5 felt really skimpy on material. 

Does F6 have more tracks? Does a nascar expansion interest you?


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I probably would get this game if there was a Nascar Expansion.

Not sure the number but 6 does have more tracks and nascar doesn't really interest me but I'll probably get it anyway

I would probably get it and give it a try.

To answer the OPs question about tracks.  The number of tracks on Forza 6 blows the number of tracks on Forza 5 out of the water.  Forza 5 had 14 tracks on release and released two more through free updates totaling 16 tracks.  Forza 6 came with 26 tracks out the gate not including the different configurations of each.  So yes much more content in 6 compared to 5.

On top of that Forza 6 has day and night racing, and weather effects as well.

26 tracks plus day/night cycle? I'm in. I don't like nascar, but going to a race in real life is fun. We just drank and ate all day.


the link via MS-Xbox1 to the nascar-24 car expansion and tracks doesn't work yet...tried a few minutes ago via pc direct online... normally all of the tracks available are great in Xbox1 forza6 ... I am spoiled re forza 4, my son is too, as we race online against one another in our spare time.

here's the link to prove MS-Xbox online is pushing the nascar expansion out...maybe somebody clicked "go" when the should have clicked "Wait" when releasing this link... looks like $19.99