Forza 5 Xbox Day One Edition - SOLD OUT -

I cant believe it, they release a Forza edition which I would want and it sells out in a couple of hours?? why didn't those that supported Microsoft by placing their orders early get an option...or at least advance warning?

Personally I'm not much of a FIFA fan and will probably just end up selling the download code, but while I wouldn't buy a racing game I'd much rather have it over a football game. At least then I'd get some use out of it!

Now I know that some of my fellow gamers in North America will probably just bombard this thread with "at least you get a game so be happy" related comments. But this isn't to comment on what the whole world is getting or if you think its unfair we get a game at all. I'm just saying that there's obviously a high level of demand for Forza and if Microsoft is going to make it look like we have a choice then we should at least get to make one...not just be given the illusion of a choice.


There's been a lot of discussion on how Microsoft keeps shifting its stance, and it is getting a little tiresome I have to admit. Please make a choice and stick with it Microsoft.




Also I wish party chat would die off, not that I don't like the convenience of being able to talk to my friends while they play different games. But show me one person who thinks that party chat has actually 'improved' the online community while playing games and I'll show you a liar lol.

** I'm fully aware that it will be a cold day in hell before party chat goes, I just miss people talking in game and lobbies.....but not trash talking, waaaay to much of that for those that do remain (all the good people went into party chat lol) ** 


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im confused on the context of your message..

the game is sold out in its entirety or just for the free bundle option? or just at one retail location?

Why not just ask the retailer if you can swap?

The Forza 5 Edition has sold out in its entirety, FIFA versions may still be available and pretty much all Non-Day One Editions are available.

Just to clarify I DO have the FIFA Xbox One Day One edition pre-ordered

Ohhh wait.  you mean the forza 5 bundled with the X1?  not the game itself, right?

absolutely, although now you mention it the Forza game is also called Day One isn't it? Lol

stop crying, you get a free game.

A free game that won't be played is surely pointless, at least give a choice to the early pre orderers, its only a damn code, howcan you sell out of a code.  I would prefer the slap in the face although might I add that I am really chuffed I am getting the X1.


my K2 is pointless

the Xbox one and forza 5 bundle is still available at completely sold out yet.

i agree with your party chat 100% i remember back in the rainbow six days when every one was talking xboxlive is like a ghost town now

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