Forza 5 update

Just had an update for forza 598mb.


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Any idea what it did?

I was hoping its gonna fix the problems with sharing the current dlc,vip pass,day one cars ect across ya home xbox and family,but it hasnt,and cant see anything as of yet.

Cool. Will look into it and see what I can find.

When did you last play it? I think I had an update yesterday but the only one I was aware of is the pricing fix.

It's just the new DLC cars. Now they can force any old update on you there's no need to give you the free car as an incentive to download the pack, they just chuck another 500Mb on you HDD without so much as a by your leave.  Bloody do-gooders.


Unfortunate sign of the times.


I'm still hoping they fix the Garage icon. I'm amazed none of the testers noticed that the garage car list has a "garage" icon and an "owned cars" filter but none of the other car menus (rental or purchase), where such information may be of use, do.

I was actually tempted to get the car packs yesterday until I saw the price! You're paying nearly the brand new price of the full game just for 60 cars. Completely ridiculous. Hard to even call it a "micro transaction" at that price.

Yeah had it on yesterday, whats really doing my head in at the mo with forza and its with teir 3 advocacy team,and it just seems like im being mugged off by them is that even though my home console and family are setvup correctly the forza vip pass I bought from the store on my other profile,is not sharing correctly,I have tryed everything to make it share,and even if I try an buy it again,it wont let me,it just says installed,I will not be buying anything more from the MS store again,as iv also noticed this with bf4 content,its bollocks,its been going on since the 27th of december,and 2 blatent insulting emails back from 'jasmine' from the teir 3 team,telling me iv made a mistake and basically scripting a dualouge fix out of a book,of which aftre trying to explain in 7 more emails I have tryed her sugesstions over and over and still they do not work.


Its not often I loose my patients around problems with gaming but I am thoughroughly pissed about this now,and after yet another phone call with yet another supervisor yesterday,he said try resetting thevprofile it was purchased by,and that still didnt sort it,so now evrything that has been done on my other profile in forza has been lost and now back to square one with it being advanced to yet another teir 3 persons,as he though it was rediculous the way id been treated around the whole issue anyway.


In general the whole bloody system of dlc is buggered because even if you uninstall something because its faulty,it is locked on your xbox 1,and therefore nothing can be done.because when you try to purchase it again it just says ready to install looks like I am going to have to purchase it from game,which I normally do anyway,as I have also noticed,other dlc instals twice,if you buy it from the store or game,another thing that aint right.


end of xbox current trauma,so its please allow 5 buisness days for a reply and jog on basically for now.