Forza 5 paint question

This is probably a stupid question but is there a way to use a paint job you have created on more than 1 car in your garage?


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Ask on Forum for a coherent amswer.

Or someone like me might come along with the answer he seeks!!  😆


@Aidren yes you can use the same paint on other cars as long as the paint has been saved to your clipboard. (I believe it's called clipboard)also, you can check this video out I made for a dad early in launch to help show the possibilities of custom layers. And you can put your custom layers onto any car!



It was design catalog, not clipboard.😁

Clipboard is for cutting and inserting layers around.

You can save created design elements and layers. Not a particular paint job in its entirety. Your really only saving your decal creations, not your cars true paint scheme. Check out my cars by using my gamer tag and I can help you out if you are looking for something particular

Awesome thanks for the input. I will check out your cars for sure.