Forza 5 or need for speed rivals

Thinking of getting a new racing game, which one is better forza 5 or need for speed rivals?


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It depends on the kind of game you want. Forza is a more serious racing simulator, where as NFS is more arcade racer. Technically I guess you could say Forza is the better game but some people quickly get bored of simulator games.

If you want the true racing experience where you actually have to maintain and tune your vehicles in order to be successful in the game then I would go with Forza 5,  If you are just looking for casual racing, then I would go with Need for Speed.

I bought Forza 5 and it is my first time with the series and I'm thinking about trading it in.

I am more of a arcade racer than simulation.

Get Forza 5 if you like racing sims. Get Need for Speed Rivals if you like arcade racers. It has to be Forza 5 for me though.

Let's put it more simple folks. Do you want to have to brake before turns to be successful, or only press the gas button and the adrenalin button or whatever it is that helps you turn at 200 mph that need for speed continuously adopts? �� A really great way to decide what game you may like is by downloading twitch app if you haven't already and find the game their where you can watch live streams of the game. Then decide for yourself🙀  

With assists in forza you never have to brake

^ this is true

I would go for Forza 5. I have both Forza and NFS. In NFS Rivals, there is sometimes at least some lag in the game when I race around. Forza 5 has practically a smooth frame rate and it's 1080p native and the graphics sunlight and sky are higher detail than in NFS. And I like the commentaries on Forza some of them funny but only sometimes, can be annoying and you just want to skip the voice-over. I'd rate Forza 5 8.5/10 and NFS 7.5/10.


And yes you do have break assists in Forza but sometimes want it turned off so can overtake the others when the slow down when you go through tight corners with a red dotted line on the track. I do, do some ramming mostly against AI racers in the campaign just for fun. They should release playground multiplayer games like tag/virus and soccer something which Forza 4 has. I think even Forza Horizon also has this kind of game mode. Helps make the game more fun than just racing.

I would've got NFS Rivals but the cheesy voice over dumbstruck me...Forza fan personally but NFS is kinda fun, seen friends uploading their clips to upload studio and seems too much like Hot Pursuit.