Forza 5, Madden 25, Deadrising 3 and Battlefield 4 launch weekend opinions

So launch weekend has been great. With the launch of the xbox one I picked up 4 launch day titles. I figures I would give a quick opinion on each game for those who care. 1. Madden 25 - if your expecting something revolutionary your going to be disappointed. The graphics are only marginally better than 360. The play is choppy and to be honest I prefer the 360 version. I do enjoy the play calling via kinect. This one will be on the trade block back to gamestop in short order to get maximum value. What can you expect from a xbox 360 up port? 2. Dead rising 3 - good/great graphics, nice sound and decent but predictable storyline. The gameplay is repetitive and the sound of hack and slashing zombies all starts to sound the same after an hour. Dark scenes require me to dim the lights to stand a chance against hidden zombie hordes. Pretty good title but it will not be a staple in my collection. Trade bait. 3. Battlefield 4 - Dice did a good job to be sure. The graphics are superb, the sounds awesome and the story in campaign is addicting. I am impressed with the vehicle play as well. In my opinion a much better execution than Ghosts and more enjoyable to play. Better replay value I suppose. BF4 will stay in the collection and get plenty of play the next few months. 4. Forza 5 - This one surprised me. I am the first to say that I am NOT a gear head or racing game fanboy. I picked this up strictly because I wanted to see what graphically MS Studios and Turn 10 had to offer for an exclusive title. I'm hooked. Love the game, the challenge and depth. The graphics are the best of the titles and the soundtrack is original and fitting. I'll be splitting time between this one and BF 4 over the holiday season for sure. One complaint however is the fact I shelled out for the Day One edition and feel a little misled. I did get access to the day one cars but we still have to purchase the rides. Not exactly what most folks were expecting. It doesn't take away from the gameplay or presentation. Just misleading. Bummer. Again, these are my opinions. I'll be taking a few of these to my local retailer today for trade in credit. I'm probably going to pick up RYSE. I've heard nothing but positive reviews. Maybe assassins Creed? Haven't decided yet. I hope this review, albeit brief might be helpful to anybody thinking of picking up any of the above games. ENJOY!

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