Forza 5 achievements not unlocking for anyone else?

Afternoon folks.

Just wondered, I'm playing online with my cousin but he's noticed that a few achievements have not unlocked. Main one was for hitting Level 3, he's double checked and he is Level 3 but it's saying he hasn't got it.

I never really look at achievements but I know I've had a few on various games but I said I'd ask if anyone else has had issues?

Many thanks!


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I have been getting achievements for gold medals and a few other ones but i am pretty sure the driver level ones aren't popping for me either.

In fact other than locally on the One I don't think they are updating on here/phone. I think i may have had about 6-7 pop on Forza and the day one card.

I'm still waiting for my copy to arrive in the post so I don't have any first hand knowledge. I have been perusing the FM5 forums and haven't seen any threads mentioning an achievement glitch.

Thanks very much for the replies folks!

He messaged me a little while ago to say the Level 3 achievement popped up about 2 races after he hit Level 3, the bar was halfway up to Level 4 lol

Odd but I guess you will always get achievements that are a little glitchy! Thanks again.

Check with him as well ... was it driver level 3 or driver infinity ( or whatever that level thing is called ) as they are 2 different things.

One is for leveling up and one is for sticking with the same car race after race and levels up separately

It was probably the same for me then as they have funny names and it may have popped mid race. I noticed when I finished a race though and the driver level passed the 3 & 5 mark no achievement popped. But the affinity and gold medals did.

I found this thread after searching upon missing out on the Driver Level 5 achievement. It sounds like I should just keep playing, and it'll unlock eventually?

Im having the same issue for BF4 it says i got the achievement but than it doesn't save it when i exit the game.

Super quick update, that's what happened for me: 1st full race after reaching Driver level 5, that achievement (Semi Pro) unlocked. Better a bit late than never!

I am lvl 24 on forza 5 now and still have no achievements at all.

any more suggestions?

Same problem here. Till last weekend all was fine but now game stopped counting my career championships progress. Achievement progress bar was reset to 0% and so far chieevo for 25 champs didn't unlock.

Heard that in last few weeks many games have same bug so I guess it's some server problem on Microsoft side.

* Please try a lower page number.

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