Forza 4.

I've got Fifa 12 coming tomorrow, I've also got Forza 4 preordered but I'm unsure whether to actually buy it. I loved Forza 3, but the amount of time needed to actually complete all the seasons and gain all the possible levels proved to much and i kept giving up for long periods of time. 

Will this be much different from Forza 3?


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I'm not sure.


It's looking like it's going to be similar to Forza 3.  Why not keep that one and complete it and then you'll be able to pick up Forza 4 for a knock down price.


After all you've got FIFA 12 to keep you busy and you'll have to spend all your MS points to keep up with all the FIFA extras so you won't really have the money to spend on car downlaods.



It is similar to FM3 (of course) but it feels like the most polished FM to date. I've not played a lot yet, but what I've played so far has been brilliant. Going to try the Kinect head tracking tonight with my racing seat and wheel.

I loved Forza and achieving the full 1K on Forza 2 was just a natural result of playing the game for me.


However "Forza 3" was a soul-less affair that seemed to suck the desire to play out of the game like a vampire.


Other people really loved "Forza 3" and I don't think any less of them but others may understand what I mean when I say it felt soul-less.


I would love for "Forza 4" to be a return to form.