Forza 4 - Warthog Autovista Experience

check this out!.


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its just a shame that its not driveable

is it not oh i never knew that !

thats a shame i was looking forward to a warthog only race round the nurburgring!

Nope it's an easter egg in autovista.

[quote user="shinagami69"]

Nope it's an easter egg in autovista.

[/quote]yeah sorry i posted the vid before i read the artical.

my bad;)

I foresee this gaming causing an insane amount of nerd rage amongst the non-Kinect owning players.....all because of a silly little 5g achievement!!!!!


I'd like to buy this game, but unfortunately with achievements for completing Season 10 etc I think it'll become another boring grindfest. Looks sweet though.


'Look ma, no controller'.......lmfao!!!!