Forza 3

Im after a bit of advice,is it worth me getting forza 3 before the new one comes out in oct so i can get used to how it playes because the only raceing game ive played lately have been nfs hot pursuit and shift2 unleashed which i guess are totally different ??


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its a good game,well worth can get boring towards the end of the game though when you start on endurance races so by the time you get forza 4 you may be fed up with it.

If you really want to final cheevo (gold for all events in the event list) then you could always hire a driver for the endurance races. It's a bit of a cheat but so of those endurance races are REALLY LONG!

You get less money and experience if you hire a driver so only do it if you really have to.  I only did it once just to see what happened.

Forza 2 was amazing.


I absolutely loved it and played it to the full 1K because it was that much fun!


Forza 3 was just so uninspiring and dull to me.


Maybe it was the unlimited re-winds (even if you don't have to use them if you don't want to).


I don't know.


There was just something soul-less about Forza 3 that led to me just not feeling motivated to continue playing.



thanks for your thought's, I bit the bullet and ordered a copy, managed to get the ultimate collection for £9 so even if it's not for me it won't be a great loss. 

That’s a really good price, if it seems too easy you can turn off the assists until it's more of a challenge and vice versa.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I still do.