Forza 3, Stig Pack Glitch

Hello everyone.


I recently bought the Ultimate Edition of Forza Motorsports 3. My intentions were, that because I already owned all the DLC, except the Stig Car pack, I would buy the Ultimate Edition and use the code and then sell the game (without code) to a friend. The game arrived today and I used the code. I then sold the game to a friend. My problem is the download finished but there appears to be no theme or cars that come with the code. Only the video was available!?


Could anyone help? Also the theme from the limited edition of Forza 3 also didn't appear when I downloaded that a while ago.


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Wasn't there three codes for the three items?

It says it's all on one code.

When i got it there was 3 codes; one for the stig pack, top gear video download and the theme. The cars are just added to your garage...Mercedes-Benz SLS-AMG, Lexus LFA and the Koeniggsegg CCX.


You did keep the card that had the codes, right?  Right?

Haha. Really stupid moment there. I look at the code card and notice the small bottom of a letter. I realised that there were more codes that I hadn't revealed. I'm away to dowload them now. I look like a right idiot now.


Thanks anyway guys. Probably wouldn't have found out had you not said three codes.

Not a problem; i think the massive silver scratch box gives it away! lol

LOL, not to worry, we all have our moments ;)