Forza 3 Season Play prob

Good Afternoon Folks, I started playing Season Play which I was playing S Class Speedway which had 3 cars. I completed one of the races yesterday, Today I find that I was short on money and I only had 500CR. So I accidentally sold my only S Class that I had. And now if I wanna play Season play and play the 2nd race of the tournament, it says 'You have no cars that's eligible for this tournament' and all I can press is OK. Anyway, out of this? I have to go to Event List and manually complete races.


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Yea i think you need to do Event List to get money up again.

Try other races in Season Mode, if not, then you'll have to keep playing the Events List until you have enough money to buy a bette car.

Try online races as well, as you get a lot more money and experience.

Thanks for the help, both of you.

Well that was hard. :S Lol.

You could go online and win some credits that way.


EDIT: Sorry just noticed you're silver.