Forza 3, Any good?

I am significantly into racing games, I just walked in to GAME today and found that Forza 3 Limited edition was like £15, I believe. I bought Dirt 3 today but I am unsure about Forza 3. Is Forza 3 any good game? Anyone recommend me? It is pretty old, I know.


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Forza 3 was immense at the time of release and still has a huge following. But if you want a true driving simulator instead of pokemon car collecting then grab Shift 2.

Yesh, it's a very good game. I enjoyed it.

There was a version on Amazon for £9.99 (Ultimate Edition) or less which included the game and all of the DLCs.

Forza 2 and Forza 3 were really good games speicially the online.

Forza 3 is a good game there it has a long career mode and the online is great with friends. There are plenty of cars to choose and the store front has loads of paint jobs and tuning set ups for drifting...............£15 is a bargin.

I've bought dirt 3 the other day and tbh it depends what style of racing you like. Forza 3 is more the simulation racing, its an amazing game but can get really boring when you do several races which are like an hour each. Great cars though and customs :)

Technically brilliant, very easy on the eye, but unfortunately it's as dull as dishwater!!! It also has the best ever 'in car' racing view ever and my preference is normally chase cam. Not a bad game, just boring.

Forza 3 is the best racing simulation game out there at the moment, I played Forza 3 for hours upon hours just to get gold on every event, granted I did get bored as it really did take a very long time but for the most part it is a really enjoyable game. It's definitely worth £15 especially for the limited edition, the LE comes with some nice extras and is boxed very nicely.

I loved Forza 2.


So much so that I have the full 1000 gamerscore for that one because it was that much fun to play.


I grabbed the full bells and whistles version of "Forza 3" on release and all my love for the game became indifference.


It just seemed to be missing it's soul. 


The career is less intuitive and restricts you a little at the start.  It's hard to really see where you're going with it.


The "flashback" system is unlimited and though you "don't have to use it" this does take away from the sense of danger in a big or long race.


Whereas you expected "Forza 2" to be just a game and found out it was so much more, in this one you expected it to be more... and found it was just too much.


I don't think any less of the people who enjoy it.


I just found it an empty experience myself.


"Shift" is the last decent racer I've grabbed (though I did pick up Dirt 3 today but haven't gotten to it yet) and "Shift" plays like "Forza Light" which considering how much stuff is packed into Forza 3 might not really be a bad thing.



Another question, since this game seems to be like 2 years old, is this game dead? Do people still go on this game?

The online's not dead by any means and the community is still creating things for storefronts.

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