Forum reporting function changed?

Just a heads up, the "report this post" function looks to have changed. Before it was just "Report" and you could report goodness and badness, now the button (I've yet to report any posts) is labelled "Report this post as abusive"


So... bear that in mind if your a frequent reporter!


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I swear an FAQ somewhere says it can still be used to report "goodness". I got slightly confused at the fact that the symbol is clearly negative and that it says abusive in the hover over text...

I guess we could get a difinitive answer by reporting this thread

When you click it you still get the text box to point out either the good or bad of the post you're reporting.

Your right, it looks just the same, but I'm just wondering it reporting good via the bad button is wrong in itself. Its bound to confuse people that's for sure

Where is the button to report the forum itself as being bad?

guessing your signature says it all my friend......reporting for good...well clearly the system is focusing on the negative side of the forums requiring reporting to moderators. With the new forum features of enabling animated gifs and banners in signatures and in posts....the mods will have their hands full this weekend. But still no silver trolls...hmm

I can see the "Report this post for good" feature getting abused by the forum Posse's trying to help each other out.

I found it hard to find that small button on the screen unlike the last one which was in your face.