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No idea if I am posting to the right place, but I seem to constantly have problems with the forums and I don't know if there is something I need to do or if my profile is somehow broken?

Firstly, I often actually have issues coming to the forums at all. I can go to and go to support, then xbox forums and everytime I will see this:

I need to actually refresh that same page two or three times to get there, plus I am actually signed in despite it saying otherwise. It can and does also happen when opening new links as well, really annoying.

Then secondly on the left you can see my profile.
Not only does it have an old avatar but it doesn't show any of my Xbox One achievements.

The new profile pic and my Xbox One achievements show correctly here.

Any ideas?


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Clear your cache in your browser, restart, and see if that helps. As of now, your gamercard only shows Xbox 360 games, but I believe I read somewhere that they will be getting upgraded sometime soon.

Also took me three attempts to post this topic too!

Took me 5 refreshes to load this thread and see that there was no official response here? Really?

Cross posted here:

Oh and the forum settings (most of which I don't seem to be able to modify) say I last logged in back in 2005.

It has actually being going on for a while, only more recently frustrated me due to checking the preview forums, so yeah I have clean installed Windows 10, see on my work computer.

Bizarrely, I have actually also just tried it while logged into my wifes forum account and that works, so I think it is somehow profile related?

Obviously quite an old xbox gamertag, since I have had it I have merged all kinds of hotmail accounts, merged, renamed -- but its all working surely or I wouldn't be able to post at all!

Error occurred posting that the first time of course -- but lets me add that I am surprised that 2 years after the Xbox One launch the forums still show the old gamertags!