Forum badges need info please

Hey guys so just curious about the badges that people use in their signature from other gamesites that say for example show their game stats (achievements, time players, games, etc). So I put mine in from raptr just by dragging and dropping the badge image into the signature box. So I need to know... will this badge keep getting updated with my currents stats or while it just be the same picture, and also if it doesn't update my stats is there any way I can make it so that the badge updates my stats all the time? Cheers


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I don't think you're allowed to have a signature that updates itself.

You sure are ;-)

Your sig from raptr will update itself automatically. Raptr updates itself based on what games you play and achievements you get. I've seen people with Raptr sigs who don't post often but their sigs are continuously updated because they are always playing new games