Formula 1 2015

I am thinking about getting this i aint sure though, i played F1 2013 i think it was and F1 2012 and i got bored of both half way through they just seemed the same. I am thinking about trading in Project Cars (havent played it in well over a month) and get F1 2015 but i aint too sure


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This is the best F1 game I've played to date.

The AI is improved so much. Definitely tougher, not so stupid, they will move over if you are lapping them etc ...

I wasn't a big fan when F1 started using the hybrid engines, just didn't like the sound but over time have got use to it and the game has got it spot on.

Some nice new touches ( I haven't seen all the game has to offer ) when in the pits you can see a live feed where other cars are on the track, what their doing so you can plan you best qualifying lap a lot easier.

The handling feels like they have gone more "sim" like this time, could be just playing it on the XB1 controller and not the 360.

Few issues though. Could be that me and a mate where playing it before official release but a few races we ended up in different races, same track and we both appeared on leaderboards at end of race but couldn't see each other on track lol

Even though it looks better than the 360 version it does look like it's kind of misty, more on some tracks than others. I even phoned my mate because I'm playing on a new TV now and thought it might be my settings but he had it to.

Also some tracks, Silverstone, Monaco and Spain there was some screen tearing, not enough to ruin the game but noticeable!

Overall though ( I've played for about 5-6 hours so far ) I'd say if your a fan of the F1 titles then this is a must.

@ Mark,

It was a brilliant race! I was lucky and actually went hence why I'm in the mood for the game now :)

yeah im a big F1 fan and usually get this series on my PC so I can use my wheel and pedals. The online can be fun but ultimately its way to arcady for me, I really want a more SIM F1 game.

waiting for Forza 6, no point in having 2 racers when i barely play them anyway

I am waiting for Forza Motorsport 6, that seems to be the best for me.

Was getting this till they announced the sale this week will get at end of month when its staff discount weekend 30% of everything

Cracking race yesterday. Shame Williams made some bad decisions at the start.

That was one of the best races I've seen in a while Lofty :)

I probably will pick this up eventually but not at full price and certainly not before I've finished kitting out my planned man cave with a wheel!

I'll just have to put up with golf for my sport fix :)

I was going to hold off for a while. Like other's here have said, I love the F1 games but they just don't hold my interest for too long usually unless playing co-op championship ( which I believe this one doesn't ) with friends/family.

Then a friend said he ordered a copy off Simplygames for £35 so temptation got the better of me lol and pre-ordered ( Back up to £40 on there now )

And after experiencing the British Grand Prix yesterday I'm definitely in the mood for some F1 racing at this time.

Yeah, think I'll get it later on, not on release. Love actual F1 but don't generally love the games.

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