Former Xbox 360 Owner to be an Xbox One Owner in the next few months......have some question about achievements

So I used to have an Xbox 360 .....when I did get rid of it I think I may have had some of Xbox Live left on it. 

Anyways so now that I am getting an Xbox One (by the end of the year, Christmas if not sooner) - here I see that my old account is still available.....or active, whatever.  I could use my old Gamertag if I wanted to which would be great BUT the person who had the Xbox 360 after me played some games I never played and I guess because my account/Gamertag was active for a while they earned achievement points under my Gamertag. 

So if I was to use the same Gamertage with an Xbox One would all of those Xbox 360 Achievements go away since it was another console anyways?  My concern is I don't want anything on my Gamerscore that I did not earn.......

Or would I have to start over with an all new Gamertag?  If so, can I keep the same email address?  I just need to create a new Microsoft account in that case?

Thanks in advance,

PS. I did talk in an online chat with support and they said my account is fine and secure as well as of course I changed my password.  However I did not talk to them about just wiping my Gamer score but using my old Gamer tag........I think that is what I would like to do on the Xbox One if possible.

Any advice or pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated.  Thanks.


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The gamerscore will still be attached to your account. There's no way to have gamerscore removed unless you're found to have modded or cheated to get the gamerscore. So it would be best to just start a new account. In order to use the same email address, you would have to change the email address on your original account to something different in order to free it up for use on a new account.

Ok so once I change my email address on the account then I can go back to my old (ie current) email address for my Microsoft account and then at that point create a NEW xbox Live ID?

No I have not modded or cheated in any way......I got rid of my Xbox 360 and I could see there has been some activity for a while after I had gotten rid of it when viewing my account.  I assume that was due to some Xbox Live time left on my account as well as I was already signed in or had been using auto sign in when I did have my console.

I suppose though yeah while I know that no one has any of my personal information I pretty much have to get a new account after not having an Xbox for 4 years.  Anyways, thanks for your help!

Also Smwutches  can you post a link to where I can change the email connected to my xbox account?  

Currently I do NOT have any Xbox or X Live account.  So I just need to change my email and then my current email will be free to use again with my new account when I am ready correct?

 (Which will be on December 25th - but on or around that.  I have an Xbox One on Layaway BUT I am not opening it before December 25th, someone else is getting a cool gift also and the timing, etc, etc, etc.)

Thanks!  I have looked and looked for the info on here but have not found it!  Do I have to wait until I have an active Xbox Live membership?  I would like to get my account ready to go now so I am not wasting time with the crap when I get my console and I can start playing games and using aps right away.  I am getting the Madden 1 TB set and the Nyko Media Remote - currently I have NO plans to get the Kinnect......maybe next year but not now.

The only thing I see that might be an issue, is that you have to use the 360 console to change the email on your account. So you may end up having to use a brand new email for the new account.