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Forcing little children to log into XBOX Live with a UserName and Password ? I absolutely HATE this feature!  Why can't you just allow them to log in under the Parent account?!?!?!  Instead, now the parents have to remember a separate set of email addresses and passwords for each of their children, which is absolutely ludicrous!

Please stop trying to force your security problems down our throat and just make XBOX easier for everyone to play and operate. That includes for kids as well as their parents!


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Why don't you just allow your children to login under your account?  What is stopping them (or you) from doing so?

Because they each want to be able to play their own games and save their own settings and achievements separately.  The issue here is the age.  There should be an option for children who are say 9 years old and younger to play under a separate login, but for it to fall under the parent's account and not require a separate login.  As they get older (10+) then they will better understand the concept of logins and passwords, but requiring a 6 yr old to do this (or have the adult have to remember a separate login/password for them) is ridiculous.

I can see where the OP is coming from.

However, I do like the Idea of writing your email information down onto a peace of paper. There was also a way you could manage and link accounts to each other. However Microsoft disabled that option back in 2012 because it was a risk factor.

As well as making it easier for the Hacker to gain access onto your accounts :(

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BUMP. When is Microsoft going to stop this!  This also causes problems whenever several years later Microsoft wants to force children to log in again to prove their identity.  At that point, noone knows their password anymore.  Please stop this senseless practice!!

Write them girl knows hers..quit being lazy.

The option of not gaming is also availible.....

Try letting the kids use a PC instead  :)

Good Luck!!! and please mind the time stamp  :)

Dont let them play then, give them something to do like chores round the house while your on the Xbox.

Or on the 360 just create a local account. They have their own gamertag and saves. PLus best of all no access to Xbox Live at all.

So no need for a email and password, plus the best parental control of not being able to go online.

Except for all the promotion to "Go Gold"

What is a LOCAL ACCOUNT ???  Would that be a profile without a gold membership?

This was really a non issue 5 months ago   JMHO.

A local account is one that exists only on the console. You can name it anything even that of an existing Live account. 'BongKaos' for example

You'll still be shown advertisements on the dashboard but you'll be unable to buy anything without being prompted  that you need to upgrade to a Live account, this can be either Silver or Gold.

So while you can pick any name you want on a local account, if you did pick one that already existed on Live you would need to change it.

Try creating one for yourself and see the limitations it operates under. Go to the Social pane, then pick Sign In or Out and then Create Profile.

Surprised that such a knowledgeable user as you didn't know about this..

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