Forced to change the gamertag I had for 3 years?

Hi, I would like to know why the gamertag SavingRyansPrvt is no longer allowed on Xbox Live. Why was I forced to change it after I've had it for nearly 3 years? I see nothing wrong with it, and I find it ridiculous because obviously I've become attached to it. There are other people with way worse gamertags, there are people hacking games left and right and yet Microsoft finds my gamertag to be something that they find offensive? Please give me a straight answer, and not an automated message telling me to read the rules, because that doesn't help at all..


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You know why. It's the same reason you found it humorous to begin with. As for the duration something simply goes unnoticed does not give rise to it being acceptable. Short story, 10 years from now it would still be in Violation of the CoC.

If you see other Players that have GT's that are in Violation of the CoC, File a Complaint. Just because you got caught, doesn't mean "they are safe".

The proceeding Message was sent via the Automated Super 9,000 CoC Defense Droid. Thank you for your time.

I'm sorry but I still fail to see why. If in the code of conduct a person is allowed to express their sexual orientation then that contradicts the reasons for banning my "profane" gamertag in the first place. One person may find a display of sexual orientation to be profane while others may not. Don't sit there and tell me that SavingRyansPrvt is profane and and eyesore to the public because its not. It can imply many things and just because one person may think one of them is profane then I really think that thats unjustified.

[quote user="SRPx iZ BK"]Don't sit there and tell me that SavingRyansPrvt is profane and and eyesore to the public because its not...[/quote]I never would "tell you that". That would be you coming to a conclusion based on your assumptions. I would say, it "hints at". It's not one's or has very little to do with one's sexual orientation to begin with. 

You made a play on words thinking it was "cute" or maybe humorous (?) and instead got a FNC, just move along.

Im just giving an example of how the rules contradict themselves. I've gotten in trouble with microsoft in the past over my mottos and personal profiles and have been banned for a few days. But what I'm saying is, when they sat there and looked at my profile to determine the profanity in it, didn't they take a look at my gamertag as well? Why is it now that somebody finally decided to take action against my gamertag. Theres no way my gamertag went "unnoticed" because I've had two separate bans in the past which means two separate opportunities to look at my gamertag. Obviously they thought nothing of it, and im not going to simply "move on" so once again i ask. Why was i forced to change my gamertag?

You can ask in the Account Suspension Forums? Does it really matter that it was not caught when your Bio/ Motto was in Violation. Sounds like maybe to me, you might want to read through the ToU/ CoC again?

Just keep in mind (if they don't Post or Reply), Microsoft's house, Microsoft's rules.

Yeah it really does matter to me because if not one, but TWO opportunities in which to take action against my account were given and passed off as nothing then Im guessing that more than one person found my gamertag to be ok, wouldnt you?