Forced gamertag changes............

I think it's an absolute travesty that xbox can force you to change your gamertag at will (for the most puerile reasons) , that we've paid our hard earned cash to buy in the first place and then not even give you a free change, so your not stuck with the naff computer generated ones. It's just greed pure unadulterated GREED!!!!!!!!


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I was once a member of a forum that had such a strict word filter that it blocked the word 'skyscraper' because it contained a four letter word for poo.

Would you really want something that harsh?

Total and UTTER nonsense. How ANYBODY could be offended by the word poo is beyond me. It's pure and simple greed on behalf of Microsoft and if you expect me to thank you for changing my gamertag for free to its current one is just to add insult to injury. If your so uptight about the word poo why doesn't the system not allow you to create such a gamertag in the first place, but of course then you couldn't charge gamers even more money to change it. Rest assured my affiliation with xbox and Microsoft is now broken, I will never buy any more of your products and will never again renew my gold membership.

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Dude, rock that SlickFawn tag!!

Pretty simple really,don't create a gamertag that violates the code of conduct then you wont be issued a forced name change.

You were given a free change.Your old tag was changed to the one you have now for free.

You used to be able to pick the name you want if you were issued a fnc but that was abused by people so now you have to pay.

Yes mate, and I'm bl**dy livid. I'd had my tag for years and was really attached to it!!!!

In other words you

had a gt that violated the Code huh?