For those with bt home hub 2.0's - channel advice.

So, my home hub keeps disconnecting and my xbox is pretty poor at the moment, (has been bad since i bought the brand new "improved, though worse than my old xbox in terms of connection" xbox. i read somewhere once that theres some channels which a lot of people dont change to as they leave it on the default one. does anyone know which channels are the least used, or which channels are best, or indeed, the best way to get a strong, consistant connection between a bt home hub 2.0 and a 360 slim 250gb. thankyou.


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use a hard wire connection rather than wireless?

i would love too, but the hubs downstairs and the xbox is in my room :(


Try Channel 11 first its the last channel, most people don't change theirs from channel 1. If it gets no better just try a different one you should find several channels that give you a good strong signal.

Hard wired is the way to go though really.

i was just going to say what the guy above me said..whenever I have had problems with wiress on laptop/pc etc Bt always recommend to change to channel's easy enough if you know how if not BT can dial in to a PC attached via ethernet and do it for you

You could try homeplugs. I have them and they work really well. My 360 and my George Formby grill are both wired and work really well through the plugs.

Hi, try the tips here especially about using inSSIDer etc to find a good free channel in your area

are homeplugs the like 2 plugs that plug into electricity? now i used to think that the internet ran through the electricity? does that happen? or are they two wireless recieveers with inputs and outputs. thanks

Yes homeplugs use your houses internal electrical wiring they just use a frequency on the wires, better than wireless