for those who purchased through MSstore and got a failed disc drive.

You are better off taking it to a microsoft store in person and getting your money back and purchasing from walmart or gamestop etc. I speak from experience being as i had a defective disc drive and sent it in for repair and was told they had to end up replacing it and i just received it today only to hook it up and do that first download and i put ryse in the tray and it sounded like my xbox was about to explode. After waiting about 2 and a half weeks for my replacement this happens. And quite honestly i dont know who to blame. Im beginning to think its fedex or UPS' fault seeing as 3 of my friends all got xbox ones from gamestop and they work fine. I think its the way that fedex and other companies handle them. I mean i woke up out of a dead sleep to what sounded like someone kicking down my door, turns out it was the FEDex lady who seemingly tossed it at my door and was running down the street by the time i got downstairs. I cant fully blame microsoft for the actions of this fedex lady. Im just trying to inform you guys & girls on my experience. So ill be taking this to my local MSstore and getting money back so i can go to gamestop and purchase one, luckily they have a bunch in stock today.

Good luck people!


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