For those who don't know a Forced Offencive Gamertag Change is no longer free

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I was reading thru Xbox Enforcement Myths and found that XBLPET has changed their policy on the free of charge offending Gamertag change.  

The FAQ paragraph below was taken from the following link


I received a forced Gamertag change. Can XBLPET let me choose a new Gamertag for free?

Some rumors give the impression that XBLPET will provide a free Gamertag change to accounts that have received a forced Gamertag change. This is not the case.

In the past, a forced Gamertag change gave users the opportunity to change the offending Gamertag free of charge. Unfortunately, this gesture was prone to abuse, and many people simply chose new, equally offensive Gamertags. As a result, the Gamertag enforcement process changed. A forced Gamertag change now automatically assigns a new Gamertag to the account, much in the same way a system-generated Gamertag is provided when you first sign up for Xbox Live.



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Your a bit late,the policy was changed about 2 years ago

It is still benefit for new Xbox gamers who join Xbox in late 2014 and 2015 and don't know about the policy of Forced Offensive Gamertag Change

But if they joined late 2014 & 2015 they wouldn't know about what the policy was before it changed.

It would of always been the way it is now for them.

If you're going to post something from the CoC for them you might as well post the whole code of conduct which they should read when starting an account anyway

Thanks for the reply

Thanks for the link War.  Sigh* The Enforcement Team don't muck around

You're welcome : ) .. You can find more info on their code of conduct tab