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It would be good if Microsoft brought out a Gaming link up system for gamers with a more similar age, like a sign up system that requires real proof of age (some like credit card proof or somthing like that) with a setting allowing the user to sellect say for example the way the gaming match up system could be set.

for example : set based on similar age or set to age and skill match ups.


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hmm it not about age its about being giving the choice of age the gamer would like to game with thats all

i just chatted with support about this idea and another idea i had to help protect your xbox one from being stolen.

its simple but effective to help stop the resale of stolen xbox's

if they add a feature via a update that allows the owner to type in another password so if say the console is stolen and plugged in another home the ip address would be different the console could then force the user to type in the password before they can use the console, they could make it so the owner can turn the feature off or on so its upto the owner if they wanted to add an extra layer of protection,

no one will buy a stolen xbox if they cant use it, so it would be pointless stealing one in the first place kind of thing.

I'm not sure they could even do such a thing nowadays without taking legal heat. Claims of ageism and the like could occur and people may claim they feel discriminated by such a policy.

I think it's a good idea though and I know that it would equate to a better online gaming network for older people but I doubt it would happen.

yea i know the game has filters etc, although i would rather game with people more in my own age group 30 - 40's would be cool.

i know a lot of people may think its pointless although it would be nice to have the choice.

it was just a thought really, so no biggy.

Alas being older doesn't guarantee wiser.

You get younger gamers who display more maturity than a lot of older gamers.

But XBox LIVE does have match making criteria inbuilt.  People who tend to be jerks eventually get filtred to play with other people who are jerks.

Also the games themselves sometimes have settings that allow people to select the type of match they're after, be it more competative or more just for fun.

I don't think I'm old but probably fit into his older category

What's concidered an older gamer, I am very old, but love playing car racing games.

It's a cool concept.. I would enjoy playing with people my own age and still level.. but giving a credit card for proof of age is not the best idea. Any kid can go and "borrow" their parents credit card. Plus this wouldn't be very impossible to pull off successfully. Anyone can put whatever age they want. Proving age online is next to impossible.

Us 'Older Gamers' know not to give our Credit/Debit numbers to any corporation. Even one with claims to be 100% secure.

I don't think age is as relevant as just finding some "normal", level headed respectful people to game with.