For people who have ordered 2 consoles but plan on Keeping one.

I have ordered 2 for safety. I would like to just return my Amazon one, but on another forum I was told CEX (UK) are offering £600 for Day Ones. What would anyone else do, Im not really in it for a profit, just security of getting one. I could sell it on ebay but I would be worried about people trying to scam me. What would you do?


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If CEX thinks they can sell it on for say £650 then let them takes the risk, the only other thing you could do would be to return it too Amazon, but then you would be out of pocket as you would have to pay shipping costs (think you would anyway)

What goes around, comes around. It's a pretty lame thing to do to withhold a console from a member of the general public just to try and mark up the price. Being part of that's going to come back to bite you.

I've had a pre-order for both consoles at Amazon and GameStop since pre-ordering went live. For the Xbox One, I let my co-workers know I had one at Amazon (friends didn't need it) and one of them has taken me up on the offer. If no one had wanted it I was going to cancel it and return it to the Amazon pool-o-consoles.

PS4 went to a friend who we know doesn't pre-order. He's happy, and his isn't BLoD'ing, so... karma!

In all honesty its not like Amazon had a certain amount of consoles, they had a date, and if people didnt place an order for a FREE Preorder then in all honesty its their own fault.


I do not want to make a profit, I simply want to secure My Copy, I am not going to think of others before myself when it comes to consoles.


I will more than likely just send it back to amazon unopened and hopefully someone will receive it. I was simply asking for others opinions.

I was going to flip my amazon unit, but with my schedule, decided not to.. nothing against doing that. If it already charged you, sell it on eBay.

Sell it, make a profit then go volunteer at a soup kitchen or something to counter the bad karma.  Or hang onto it til a friend or family wants one and sell it for the price you paid.

I let a friend take over my PS4 preorder, scalping for a profit is lame. If you ask around it's almost a guarantee someone you know would take over the extra preorder.

I bought 2 xbox 360s in 2005 and sold the 2nd one for 1400 before i left the parking lot.

I tried asking around & if I had more time I would've ebayed it since no one wanted it