Footage of the new MS Wireless Wheel in use on Forza 4

I haven't seen it posted yet so apologies if it has but here are a couple of vids of the new Wireless Wheel from MS tested by Team VVV

Looks a lot better than I expected tbh and is probably someting I would seriously consider for when I don't want to set up my wheel.

Vid 1

Vid 2


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Thanks for posting the vids, it was good to see the new wireless wheel in action.


It looks like the perfect solution for those like me that love racing but don't feel that having the full racing wheel setup is practical in a normal family home.


I will definately buy one when they become available.

No worries fella, it comes out 14th Oct same day as Forza 4.

Amazon have it for £39.91 or it says if you order with Forza 4 you get another £7 off -  not a bad deal really

Yeah, saw it was available in the other thread you posted in in the Genaral Games forum. I think I may put in a preorder.

Looks awesome :) So tempted but with the Gears console and all the games on preorder, not sure I can stretch my budget that far lol!

it dose look nice i mite buy one after xmas

with all the new game titles and a new gears console

its going to be a pricey few months

and i still have my official ms wheel and pedal set so no great hurry.

also i wounder if you could have two for 2 player  spilt screen races that would be fun

I don't see why you couldn't use 2 for split screen,I imagine effectively it's just taking the place of the pad's wireless signal.

That could be great fun!!

It looks good for people who don't want a full racing setup or don't have space for one. The only problem there could be is that there will not be many other games you can use it with making it not worth having,

It's nice that Microsoft are looking at something for the more casual cheaper market, but I couldn't do 72 laps around Silverstone with that. I'll stick with my older Microsoft 360 wheel thank you very much.

Lol!! I couldn't do 72 laps around Silverstone full stop, I did 32 around Mugello yesterday with the MS wheel and my shoulders have paid the price today!