Food for though: Templars in Assassins Creed.

Being a total fanatic when it comes to the middle ages and the crusades I have gathered quite a lot of knowledge on that era, Anyway I was thinking about Assassins creed at the time and it came to me. The Knights Templar is the main antagonist faction in the game?! Which is just way trandom, also your actually fighting against the templars and english crusaders in the first game and eventually kill the grandmaster of the templar order and then in the reality of the game (outside the animus) they are the main enemies too still existing in 2011, for a small group of warrior monks they sure somehow..... survived........i dunno i think im just making a fuss about nothing.......


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Yeah I'm like you, I like that kind of history. And I've become a big Assassin's Creed fan as it has inspired me even to learn more about that era.

Several Templars feld with their riches in 1307 AD. Maybe they used that fact to explain how they are around today in the game.