The friends list on xbox 360 is far superior to the one, why make it so confusing to use? that goes for messages in general, one step forward three steps back! although i think it will be sorted out in a few months with a patch or something


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If I understand it correctly, its a follower if you don't accept a friends request but a friend if you do accept it. I have to admit I am a little lost on the concept so I may be wrong with that ^

From what I can gather with this is something like twitter. You can follow someone and they will appear on your friends list. But, in order for you to appear on their friends list they have to follow you back. I think the 360 was easier were you could just add someone with a friend request. I have had people follow me and not even noticed them there. Made me feel really ignorant that I did not follow them back straight away because I had not realised they added me.

Yep that's how it works.  Anyone can follow you but you control what your follower can see in your privacy settings.  And until you follow them back, they're not added to your friend's list.  It would be nice to get a notification when someone follows you though.  Maybe coming soon.  At least now it tells you who the latest one is and how long ago people followed you etc.