Flash drives and external hard drives on x1

Hello there. I can't seem to find anything on the xbox web that let's me know if I can plug a flash drive or external harddrive to not save games too but transfer films, tv shows and music onto my x1 harddrive. I mean if I can then I will buy a 32gb flash drive and just transfer the few films I have every other week , if I can't transfer but only watch through the x1 then I'm better off with an external hdd and continuously add to the hdd. I don't want to go and spend £60+ of one if it's not possible to use. Any help would be appreciated. thanks

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External and flash drives will be supported in a future update. But as of right now, you cant use them on the X1

The update is here, but you can only use drives that are USB.3 connected and are over 250gb, sorry.....

You resurrected a thread from December to post incorrect information?

The latest update added external storage for the console. It did not enable local media playback.

USB.3 connected and are over 250gb I need to get one better this

Seeing this thread is back from the dead again. I'm using a 16Gb 2.0 U.S.B. drive for music and pictures, and it works very well.

Peace, J.R.

im looking to get more game room

I want to know if I can use my hard drive from my 360 on x1?

No you can not use a 360 HDD on an Xbox One. Don't be ridiculous.

Let this thread die already!