Fix Tips for 2 Common Xbox One issues.......

Problem: Games crash to the dashboard while playing, or the games wont boot up when you try to start it.

Why it seems happens:  This is a problem that I see alot of on the forums,  and from what ive been able to tell its due to a problem with the Power Mode called "Instant-On".   This power mode is a standby based shutdown that puts your xbox one in a low power state instead of powering it down fully,  its so the system can boot up faster and resume stuff more easily,  problem is there seems to be a bug that causes it to never flush out the RAM, some people think it may be a memory leak bug.

Fix Tip:  A Fix/Workaround for this issue is to goto settings, power setting, and switch the power mode from Instant-On to Energy Saving by hightlighting instant on and pressing A,  while it may take a bit longer to start up the xbox ive seen this fix and stop alot of people's issues.


Problem:  Mic not working where you can't hear or talk to people in a party.

Why it seems to happen:  The kinect is used to indentify you, even for chat,  sometimes the kinect will reconize you as a guest instead of youself

Fix Tip:  Ive found a fix that seems to work most of the time. So if this happens to you try going out of view of the camera, and walking back into view for it to re-reconizes you.  For some reason it often needs to lose site of you when your a guest to re reconize you.  It's odd i know but ive had succes with fixing it this way. Note: if your on the dashboard you can tell if the kinect see's you buy looking at the small green horizontal bar under your gamer pic,  or by going to the kinect in settings.


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