Five reasons to buy a Xbox One, according to Forbes

Forbes gave the reasons for deciding on a PlayStation 4 instead of Xbox One, but the journal in the world of business and finance , gave others to choose Microsoft.En console Listed are concepts that have almost become a mantra in promoting the Xbox One as the cloud or good amount of exclusives with the console and that will start to be maintained over time thanks to a significant investment of compañía.Xbox One will be released on 22 November and since that day you can download the demo of Kinect Sports Rivals.Las Forbes highlights features of Xbox One: the cloud, despite the PlayStation 4 and Gaikai , Microsoft has cloud and data center which has cost more 700 million . It's about time , but with Titanfall , Microsoft expects to see reflected the advantages of the cloud. Moreover, for many Xbox LIVE multiplayer offers the best service , and quite possibly , Xbox One continues with this line and is the most reliable console games ahead of online.Kinect : Although not found a balance in performance , Microsoft remains confident in that technology , and Forbes magazine , is one of the great strengths of Xbox One facing the next generation console from Sony. They add that a new console should not only have to have better graphics, and if Kinect is fully adapted to the new console from Microsoft could change the way we interact with juegos.El control : the DualShock 4 ha improved compared to the previous PlayStation controls , but the Xbox One continues with the impeccable design that has characterized the Xbox 360 controller for many better than PS3. So much so , that for the shooter fans , the Xbox is more balanced and we all know how to sell the shooters . Furthermore, from Forbes added that the biggest differences need not be at the console , can be in our hand and the Xbox One can be clave.Exclusivos : to Forbes , Titanfall game is possibly the most noise generation has done, and is an exclusive Xbox One never enjoy in PlayStation 4 . And do not forget Ryse : Son of Rome , Dead Rising Forza Motorsport 3 and 5, which will be available from the day of launch of the next generation console from Microsoft on 22 November. Although Sony has soared with their latest exclusive titles , Xbox One has better catálogo.Entretenimiento : Microsoft focused a lot on TV and entretenimeinto options when it developed the Xbox One, and what looked like a mistake , it may be another of his big plus points. Both consoles have practically the same games, not counting exclusive , but Xbox One has a greater amount of entertainment options through , for example , to the role of Kinect. Also , remember that with Xbox One can enjoy a Halo series produced by Steven Spielberg , and to the magazine, this is an argument quite difficult to discuss . On the other hand, the possibility of watching movies on Blu - ray and MP3 CD and make a better Xbox One entertainment center.


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