Fitness Guru Achievement Glitched

Hi guys, just finished the last of the 35 basic exercises and no achievement. i know its not the sort of game that dictates them but if ive earned it i want it. who else has had this happen?


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Check the in-game checklist and make sure they're all completed. Nicked from another forum:-

The specific trainer exercises, and activites do not count for this. Here is a list of all 35 standard exercises.

Jumping jacks
Quick feet
Jump rope
Butt kicks
Front speed hurdle hops
Speed hurdle hops lateral
Ice skaters
Stiff arms
Biceps curls
Arnold presses
Curl to presses
Front raises
Overhead triceps extensions
Bent over triceps extensions
Upright rows
One arm rows
Push ups
T push ups
Leg lifts
Bicycle crunches
Twisting crunch and punches
Leg wipers
Bear crawls
Sumo squats
Squat holds
Squat jumps
Tuck jumps
Front lunges
Back lunges
Side lunges
Side lunge holds
Lunges with a twist
Lunge to knee

To track your progress, from the main menu go to:
Player Tracker > Rewards >Mastery Levels > Look for standard exercises.

Thanks but i've already checked it and there's a bronze medal by every basic type, don't suppose it counts the hit the mitts and tyre flips does it, just a thought. If not then i'm out of ideas.

After a bit more research apparently loads of the cheebles are glitched. Best you can do is hope for a patch I'm afraid.