Just out here to state that the 720 is an acceptable name for a prototype, but Sony has already given the PS4 its name, the orbit, so I believe Microsoft should counter Sony's presence in the market with A more eye catching phrase like the Xbox Infinity, Xbox Evoluscion, or Xbox Monarch. A name that intrigues the consumer, but I am most certainly looking forward to this new system. Microsoft will get the job done successfully. XBOX all the way.


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^^ agreed, can't wait!

I wish they would hurry up and announce it already. that way I can start saving up the money for it...

XboxWhatIsAVideoGame? XboxAPP-tastic! XboxAdViewer!

3 apt names based on the current tendencies of the 360 and the likelihood that we see an evolution of these tendencies as oppossed to a regression of them.

The Next Xbox was never given the name of the "Xbox 720" as a "prototype" or Development Kit. It was rumored (never Officially Announced) as the Durango. The name "Xbox 720" was a "fan made" title given by the Interweebs who have been talking about it since 2007.

The current Rumor, is that the Next Xbox will be simply called that "Xbox". But again seeing as how nothing has ever been Officially Announced, it doesn't have a name nor does it even exist to begin with.

Also the ps4 is called PS4.  Just saying.

I don't care what the name of it is as long as it performs well.

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Also the ps4 is called PS4.  Just saying.


It's project name was Playstation Orbis.

The new Xbox will be called…

XBOX! We all know that  ;)

Unless they change the look into a cube…then I will run off 

Hmmm X-Cubed or X3

Yeah bad name .... Though id like them to go with infinity that was thrown around for a while