First xbox games?

Sorry guys but I'm sitting at work bored out of my brain and this forum is the only thing keeping me going until I finish in an hour. Here are mine..... Original xbox - project gothem. Xbox 360 - Colin mcrae dirt or Perfect dark zero. Xbox one - forza 5

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original xbox - PGR, wreckless, halo, fever

360 - PD0, mortal kombat (the original xbox version. it was BC) and gun IIRC

I miss pgr. I spent endless hours trying to get a perfect lap on the cone challenges. Stringing together slides to keep the combos going. If I could have them bring back a game that would be it I think.

Original Xbox - Halo

360 - Perfect Dark Zero

Xbox One - FIFA14

Original Xbox - Halo Combat Evolved


Xbox 360 - Lost Planet


Xbox One - Forza 5

Original XBOX- Battlefront

Xbox 360-Ruse

XBOX one-AC4/Dead rising

Playstation one NHL Breakaway, PS2 Navy Seals 3?? Xbox 360 World at War, Xbox One Assasins Creed 4 Black Flag.

Halo CE

And I think PDZ, I'm not sure because I made another account.

Waiting until all the kinks are worked out for the One. Not sure what I'll get.

The one game and main reason why i'm still here today...Star Wars:Knights of the Old Republic(which i still have and play)...Always hoped a 3rd port would make it to the XBOX and sadly never did..Will it ever?..who knows but i can always wish. Halo CE was sweet to and had a lot of couch co-op days on that. Call of Duty 2 was what sold me to the 360.

Xbox- Star Wars Battlefront 2

Xbox 360- Call of Duty 2

Xbox One- Ryse.