First BBC News mix up Video Games and Real News

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Halo: Is it UNSC you're looking for...

BBC News graphics departments are no strangers to a mistake or two. Last week there was the Northern Ireland fiasco.

Now, eagle-eyed gamers have pointed out that a BBC report today about theUnited Nations Security Council actually used a logo for the United Nations Space Command, a fictional body from the Halo series of games on the Xbox. Oops:

o Doubt there are conflicts going on that could use a Spartan or two, but yeah....oops!


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You have to wonder if someone in the graphics department is having a laugh when these things pop-up.


After all you could easily put it down to a 'genuine' mistake to the boss if you had the nerve.

Thats just marvellous.  Maybe they should double check their Google result in future.

Here's the ITV thing Cockney is talking about (if anyone didn't know about it). Footage from ARMA II was used in footage showing IRA terrorists shooting down a helicopter 


I'm convinced that all non-gaming folk are idiots at this stage. Just check out the responses to this Ok Cupid profile of Ezio Auditore.  

You know what's the worrying thing, that fake profile has more messages on ok cupid than I've ever had............

To be fair, it IS the master assassin himself in the flesh....erm, in the pixel. I often wonder if these guys do it on purpose just for a laugh....but then i wonder if they would risk their jobs on that laugh,. Either way, funny for the gamer community.

I still can't get over the orignal scandal....dissing my native land!