First glitch.

Yes I'm back! Lol. Anyway turned my xbox 2 days ago. It came on but didn't. The controller was on and according to my tv the xbox was sending signal to the tv but the screen was just black. The kinect was off and the power button for the xbox was off. To say I worried was an understatement. Anyway held the button down down and did a hard reset and it all came back. Just curious if this has happened to anybody else? And before people start jumping on me for complaining when I said I hate complainers don't bother posting. I don't hate complainers. Just ones that say the same thing over and over again and keep threads going for twenty useless pages. Anyway I'm not looking for advise I'm just curios if this is common.

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The very first time I powered up my console and controller, they seemed to be synched (after syncing), but then the console wouldn't respond to any of the button commands. So I did a hard reboot of both. After that, they both synced and communicated fine.

Had this happen as well about a month ago. Followed the same steps, and no problems since. Running like a dream!

Well atleast it was only a one off. Makes me feel somewhat better.

Yep, here's to hoping it stays that way. Disc drive failed to read a bit before that, power cycled, and again no problems since. That one had me more worried at the time, given the drive issues being reported.

I've also had a problem with my sound. Every now and the when I first turn it on the sound goes funny. Like it's skipping or something. I just turn it off and on again and it's fine. It's all good. It's still working.

Heya Duffel,iv had a few times where this has happened,power button lit up,black tv screen,and its fine again in 30 seconds to 2 mins,as we actually really know very little about background updates,I just think its that m8,nothing to go on no about.