First console footage of Battlefield 3

As the title says, here is the first footage of Battlefield 3 being played on a console, the PS3 to be specific. Bar the terrible quality of the video itself, the graphics do indeed look very good. I for one didn't think they could match the PC this closely, but I stand corrected.


What do you guys think?


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1080 goodness.

Thanks for that Hoaxs, I managed to botch up the link and for some reason when I try and edit it in I get an "Access Denied."

I'd be more interested in seeing the 360 footage. I wonder how the textures are going to hold up without the extra space allowed by the PS3's blu-ray disc.

American talk show hosts are even more annoying than the UK ones.

The footage didnt really show much. Same scene weve already seen and PS3 footage at that.