FIOS TV Xbox 360 app is very buggy. Who's responsible? Microsoft or FIOS?

When this app works, its pretty decent. However, that seems to be roughly 50% of time or less. Let's see how many different ways this app has failed:

1. App gets stuck at authentication and I watch the spinning icon until I'm dizzy.

2. I log onto app and app tells me I'm not subscribed to channel even though I am.

3. I log onto app and am told the FIOS server is busy and to try again later.

4. I log onto app and it is so slow it is unusable.

5. I try to log on and am told I am not a FIOS subscriber, but yet again, I am.

Is there any hope for a better release of this app in the near future as it really would be pretty nice if it worked consistently? Also, can I collect any monies for Quality Assurance and User Acceptance Testing services?



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Probably a mix of both.  1, 2, and 5 sound like a FIOS problem.  4 sounds like a MS problem and 3 could be a mixture of both.  And no, you cannot collect money because the app doesn't work 100% of the time.