Finding Xbox Live a bit boring now.

I started Xbox Live Gold in 2007 with Halo 3 and CoD4. I always played Halo 3 with my friends then through Reach came out. I also played MW2 and Castle Crashers with friends. When I got Reach, I played the campaign then went to play multiplayer with friends such as Hot Pursuit and other custom gamemodes. Halo was like the main game till Halo 4 and Apps came out. Before Minecraft, I played block games such as Fortresscraft and Total Miner till MC360 released. I played MC with friends they built a CTF like game. Had all that fun till Xbox update came out. Now my long term Halo friends stopped playing Halo and other good games addicted to one game or watch Apps.

My friends list in the past:

Halo 3

Halo Reach

Gears of War

Castle Crashers



Black Ops



Fifa 14 (all day)

Netflix (all day)

CoD Ghosts




Wheres the great ol games gone now? Now it seems like either the apps or latest hype even though its not that good.


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I have to agree with u stony. I remember when I would at halo3, or Cod all day with friends. I had 3 main friends I played with, 2 of which are friends outside the gaming community. And it seems like all they do is watch Netflix, or Hulu. Now I'm not goin to say that I don't, because I do sometimes, but not every day. When I catch myself watching Netflix, I think to myself, "how boring, I have all these games sitting here and I have fallen into the lazy mans rut. " And I for e myself to get up and play something, because I grew up in an age where game consoles were meant to play games.

Most players these days, though online and most likely have friends, tend to play solo in online games and haven't quite figured out how to plug in microphones or how to talk and not just project pointless loud noises when they have..

In short, there's jack all team work for 90% of online competitive games and because of it stuff like Halo is just dead now, they can't run and gun like COD and because they come up against cohesive, practiced teams in games, they get absolutely destroyed and rage out.

It's a shame because my favourite title used to be the Halo series, I loved the competitive side of it, but with H4 release it's just a rush for the Gausshog or whatevers on the map and if not, people tend to just run into whatevers coming at them..

I've taken to playing through any single player titles I can get my hands on now, but yeah, I wish I could go back like 4 or so years haha

A lot of my friends are surprisingly hooked on Netflix and Hulu and I felt like I had seen everything I wanted to see after about 5-10 movies.  I don't care about apps.  If it ever appears that I used an app, it's probably because I clicked on it accidentally.  If/when I actually have time to play a game, I'm playing a game.  Live could delete all the apps tomorrow and I'd be completely fine with it.  

Unimaginative games, dumbed down gameplay, "entitlement to win" single player, stripping good games like Mass Effect and Resident Evil of what made them unique, "Call of Duty" model of game release and marketing...

Gaming these days seems less about sitting down and enjoying a game and instead gambling $60, finishing SP in 6 hours, and asking when the next one will be out a week after release.

It's really not surprising to me that people are finding XBL boring and turning it into a NetfliXbox 360.

I miss the good ol' days of Halo 3 multiplayer and custom games. I have been a Xbox Live gamer since 2009 and have never regreted the experience it has brought too me. I came in very late into what I call the "best times" of Xbox Live, when games such as Halo 3 were still great, Call of Duty 4 and WaW, were still unmodded masterpieces, were you could find fun and competitive matches, without worrying about modding. Xbox Live started really going downhill in like 2011-2012 were the majority of Xbox Live was focused on Call of Duty, and the Apps. People just started to buy XBL to just play Call of Duty and watch Netflix and Hulu, and that just brought the sense of the community down. I have to confess though, the only game I really do play nowadays is Fifa, and that is mainly just for Pro Clubs, and online seasons.

Does anyone wanna add me on their friends list and we can go back n play those great games again?

I will be playing Xbox Live forever untill i am dead lol.

Play some minecraft. its addicting! Trust me...also some GTA wont hurt you. Xbox is love,Xbox is life

There's not a lot happening really, too much of anything will get boring in time.  Nothing wrong with Netflix, just no one wants to push the 360 these days it's all about the XBOne but there's not much happening on that either this year.

get rid of matchmaking and bring back custom public lobbies, with the option to disable party chat in said lobby.

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