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I too have been dealing with a financial block on my account. This has been going on since Nov 21, 2013. I have called Xbox numerous times and my case was finally escalated to Tear 3 advocacy care on Dec 6. The associate Tyler explained to me that Xbox was looking out for me and put a block on my account because they thought there had been some fraudulent behavior with my card. He assured me that the case would be sent to the advocacy team and that they would contact me within two days and remove the block. If I had not heard from them by Sunday 8 Dec 2013, call back. Which I did, and after a pain staking hour of dealing with customer service they told me that it is in Tear 3 and there is nothing they can do. They do not have a phone number or email to contact them. I was told by the floor manager Jamie that this issue was received by Tear 3 (Advocacy team) but nothing has been done ad should be done by Monday 9 Dec, 2012 noon central time. Monday 1 p.m. Mountain time I called Xbox because I had not heard anything and still unable to use my card. This time I was given completely different information that contradicted the two prior calls. I asked for a Supervisor and Brian the super gets on and is not only rude but tells me that Xbox will fix the issue when every they fix it. When I asked for his employee number and another supervisor or his manager he told me NO and concluded the call. I then called back and talked to another agent and filed a formal complaint against Brian. The customer service rep gave 3 months free Xbox Live and told me to give it another day and call back Tuesday 10 Dec 2013 if the issue was not taken care of. Tuesday at Noon Mountain time I called Xbox again....... Well I am sure you can guess what they told me.... There is nothing that they can do and that the call has been escalated. As of Tuesday 10 Dec, 2013 my 2 day resolution has turned into a 5 day and quickly going on 6 and nothing has been done.

My favorite saying is that nobody has an email or phone number to contact the advocacy team from customer support. I may have been born at night but not last night. There is a number and a way for these departments to contact each other. It is too easy for things to be missed and clarification needed. No company in today's market can survive without being able to contact every department.  


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