Finally Party Chat Problem Resolved on my Xbox One!

Apparently if you START Battlefield 4 on your Xbox One console you will have problems when trying to turn on CHAT in the party.


Eject the DISC and restart the party and viola now your friends can turn on the CHAT when they join your party. Even if your friend DOESN'T even own BF4, they will still have problems when joining someone who starts a party after first playing BF4.

Anyone else confirm this problem? Now whether this is BF4 or MS that needs to address this I would not know...


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I can confirm this, with one change-there's no need to eject the disc, just 'quit' the game while in the xbox home screen. (Select the window with the game displayed, then press the 'menu' button to get to quit). A friend and I figured this out a couple of days ago.

Good info thanks

Yep confirmed

So, is this another issue with BF4 then? I haven't had these issues, ever, & I don't play BF

I don't know which company's code is to blame, but it does only happen to me with BF4 right now. Of course, I only play BF4 and Ghosts on my XB1 at the moment, so it's a very limited test set. It could be that BF4 is doing something entirely legal in code, but that it is uncovering a bad code path in the XB1 party chat implementation, or it could all be something in the BF4 code doing something entirely wrong.