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Morning team,

Just wondering if there has been any news on a new fight night coming out?


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I remember reading this on GameInformer a while back, not sure if there's been any news since!



Given the popularity of Fight Night Champion (shown), it's no wonder that fans are clamoring for more from the series. They're going to get it, but not this year.


We contacted a spokesperson at EA Sports who told us the series is still going, but nothing was on the docket just yet. "We remain committed to the Fight Night franchise, but have no announcements regarding it at this time."


Fight Night Champion released last March, and given that it came out two years after Fight Night Round 4, we can only hope that 2013 brings another game in the franchise. I for one am not necessarily disappointed that we won't be stepping into the ring this year. If the team takes the time to craft another game as good as Champion, it'll be worth the wait.


thank you!

"Fight Night Champion" is a great game.


The online is spoiled by a "Perfect Stats For Cash" system but that doesn't stop you from being able to have matches with honest gamers.


This really put some people off though (and understandably).


If they kick this awful habit the latest venture might be worth picking up.